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They differ because in college one is taking on an entire new load of responsibility and options. Welcome to college! Congratulations on making it this far! Now the time comes to ramp up the ante!

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No such program as stepping up to college exists as it does for for high school. Oh wait! Move it or lose it now, your future rests on your shoulders. High school teachers just handed you your future based on the way you schooled, and college professors tell you to figure it out. College trips up hundreds of students a year, refrain from letting yourself become one of. College Graduating from high school is what every student is looking forward to.

However, going to college is a big accomplishment for all students. The first day of freshman high school and college feels the same, the excitement and pressured. As many students experienced, both high school and college could be compared their similarities. First, both students in college and high school are expected to behave in well mannered, attend.

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High School vs. College In the America, children begin school around the age of six.

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Once a student enters elementary school, most stay there for five to six years before they go on to secondary school, which involves middle school and high school. In the professional world it is becoming harder and harder for high school students to. College High school and college are both higher education institutions that enlighten students; however, there are many differences between the two that make them both unique.

In high school, the goal is to gain a broad understanding of numerous subjects so that when they arrive to college, they have an understanding of their interests, goals, dreams, and what it takes to pursue their potential career. High school works as a place for students to. College Having a great education is the best legacy in life. It is a proven fact.

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This accomplishment requires moving on from high school, as well as from college. Moving from high school to college might be an energizing change, yet it is additionally an exceptionally troublesome one. It is a test that the understudy will battle with and in the end change in accordance with after some time. Despite the fact that there are numerous contrasts between high school and college, one. College In the American schooling system, children begin primary school around the age of six, this is called elementary school and most students stay there for five to six years before they go on to secondary school which involves middle school and high school.

In high school there is a certain structure that has to be. As for college, it 's a choice to go back to school. Students in college have variety of classes to choose from and freedom,etc. This could be freedom from parents or just doing whatever you want without parents barking at you, because you are now an adult. Even though I have been in college for only a semester. The most important of those schools are high schools and colleges because they have the most impact on deciding what occupation a student wants to pursue.

Comparing and contrasting makes a good argument, because it gives audiences the similarities and difference between two or. I thought that another commitment in addition to my school work would help to keep me focused for the second semester. In high school, playing a sport was a much easier task.

The most important of those schools are high schools and colleges because they have the most impact on deciding what occupation a student wants to pursue. Although high schools and colleges share similarities in providing education, there are also many differences between each other. In both high schools and colleges there are teachers that educate students on certain subjects.

Those subjects can range from mathematics. Most of us spend 15 to 16 years in school to get to college.


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School plays a significant role in our life. We can do so much different things in school such as play sports, volunteer and extracurricular activities. High school and college are significantly different and they are also similar in some ways, for instance they are different.

Many individuals are able to make the transitions from high school to college pretty easily, while there are others that find the transition into college to be somewhat challenging and hard to adjust to. When I made the jump from high school to college, I found that there are vast differences between the two, and both had very diverse environments. I found the key differences concerning high school and college. It is often said, that high school, prepares a student for college. For certain, a student is being prepared, but only for what the world has to offer, and that is making choices on what to pursue.

Certainly, most people would concur with this statement. But, the fact to consider is, that high school does not prepare a student for the major difference in the challenge.

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One difference in the area of challenge is the work. In high school, students are not challenged with assignments. Generally, an assignment in high school does not require much depth. When it comes to homework in high school, students are not assigned homework often. As well, in high school, most instructors do not promote the proper grammar, punctuation or …show more content…. In college, there is a definite difference in expectation, and this is a major challenge.

In high school, students are cradled by the teachers and administration. If a person is to fail an assignment, the students have as many chances possible to pass. In addition, if a student fails an exam, this will not mean that the student fails the course. Therefore, this causes major problems going to college. In college, most courses require that the student passes the exam with a certain grade determined by the school. In addition, for most courses in college, it is expected that the student gets a 55 or 60 percent in the course, depending on the course.