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Once achieved successfully, the CPEC would not only assist in economic development of Pakistan but would also result in creating a huge number of job opportunities. It is expected that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC would create around , direct jobs between and and would contribute around 2. Eradication of Religious Extremism.

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An oft-cited reason for the creation of CEPC is that it will bring in economic prosperity for Pakistan that will help in eradicating the menace of religious extremism. Pakistan holds the belief that rapid economic development facilitated by the CPEC would help to stabilize the economic, political and security situation in Pakistan.

It is risked that the CPEC would ensnare Pakistan into a debt trap that it would never be able to get out. The Risk of Terrorism. Terrorism has been a significant concern for Pakistan for the last two decades.

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Although Pakistan has been engaged in fighting a long, hard battle against terrorism, it has not yet succeeded in its battle. Since the CPEC is hugely important for the future of Pakistan economic growth and national prosperity, it is feared that the construction sites and the personnel working at these sites may become a target for potential acts of terrorism. Indeed there have been several occasions where Chinese engineers working in Pakistan have become a target; many lost their lives in these attacks while numerous others were injured.

In September , Baloch Separatists killed two Chinese engineers working in Baluchistan while injuring many others. Although the Pakistani authorities have promised security to the Chinese staff employed for the CPEC, it is merely a short-term commitment. As the time passes and as the transportation network for the CPEC expands towards far flung areas it will become difficult to guarantee security to the Chinese workers as the cost to provide security personnel and the material support will also increase accordingly.

Till date, it is uncertain how Pakistan will manage to ensure a strong military presence to ensure the security of the transportation routes.

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In this regard, no security blueprint has been outlined by Pakistan. Unstable Political System in Pakistan.

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One of the biggest problems plaguing Pakistan since independence is its unstable political system. Power in Pakistan continuously oscillates between the civilian and military leaders; this has caused much turmoil within Pakistan. For the first time in the history of Pakistan the political landscape of Pakistan has become a bit stable, however, the past history of Pakistan dictates that the nature of Pakistani politics is uncertain and anything may happen anytime.

This uncertain political culture may deeply hurt the future of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. China firmly holds the belief that a safe and stable Pakistan would only be of its own benefit. China believes that any assistance it provides to Pakistan in the political, economic or security arena it would ultimately translate into its own benefits.

Chinese logic is simple; China believes stability can only be achieved through economic development. A sound and stable Pakistan is essential for Chinese interests as it would result in the provision of stability for Chinese Western Periphery, especially the province of Xinjiang.

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China believes a move to secure and expand the strategic space by heading west would help to counter the threat of increased influence of the United States in the East. In this regard, Pakistan is of utmost importance to China as it can act as a bridge between China and South and Central Asia and the area having the greatest level of strategic importance, the Middle East.

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An internally stable Pakistan would help China to apply far greater influence in these regions. This is one of the most important reasons why China is willing to invest a large amount of money in Pakistan in the economic corridor. The successful completion of any joint business venture between two entities, corporations, organizations or countries as in the case of CPEC depends on how well the people work and interact with each other. At the core of any successful business venture lie the people as the actual work on the ground has to be completed by them.

At the same time, these plans must be integrated into a broader strategy to improve water resource management throughout the country. It also highlights that Pakistan can dispel the impression that big dam projects will benefit only larger provinces by exploring ways to reach a consensus among all provinces on its water infrastructure and providing provinces with legally binding guarantees.

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