Playing computer games is a waste of time essay

They play the computer games for all the time and neglect their study in school.

It will cause that computer games can never live apart from them, so I agree that playing computer games is a waste of time. First of all, playing computer games will waste plenty of time.

Do you argee that playing computer game is a waste of time? Children should not play?

Time is very precious to us today. We should be concentrate and pay more attention to our studies rather than wasting time playing the computer games. If we spend too much of time focus in the computer games, of course,we can't get a good result in our study, and we even no choise to choose for our futher study, this will also become a big problem for us to get a good job with a high salary. Other than that, if we spends most of our time on these computer games, we surely will get very low marks for our exam and even will fail the exam.

So for a steady future, we shouldn't not allow ourself to fall into computer games. There are a lot of other entertainments which can make us to release stress and will not affect our studying Next,playing computer games not just wasting our time. It also will cause us fall behined to the social and cause us some vision diseases like short-sightedness and we will be force to wear glasses.

Other than vision diseases, it will also cause us sick because,if we take a lot of time to playing computer games,we will lack of exersise and our body will get sick easily. Lastly,playing computer games is a waste of time.

It also will bring many disadvantage to us. We must use our time in a correct place,and do not simply waste our.

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Open Document. At the beginning, the children may play them only several hours in week but in future, their hours of using the computer or the game increases; they sit front of the computer and play the game for several hours every day. Therefore, they do not enough time for doing other their works such as their school homework or cleaning their room and so on.

My little brother addicts computer games and he plays them more than 4 hours in each day so that he does not come with us to any parties, picnics, and the movies also his room is always dirty. They have negative effects on their physical and mental health. When they play game, they use only their mind and eyes. They do not have any body activities and their muscles to be lazy, and also the children to fat.

Computer Games Essay

One of their bad metal effects is aggressive. Thus, the parents should not allow that their childes play computer games. The following paragraphs, containing main reasons for holding such an opinion, advocate my viewpoint. To begin with, such games are addictive a lot, as a result of which, children spend a great deal of their time on playing them everyday. It seems that they enjoy playing such games very much and feel like playing them for too many hours nonstop. Even parents cannot persuade them to give up playing computer games.

Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them.

In other words, children do not do any physical activity while playing, which can result in obesity. Moreover, as children become addicted to such games, there will not be any time remaining for them to spend on physical exercises. Children need to do physical exercises in order to become and remain healthy, while playing computers prevent them from this. In addition, as children stare at computer screens for a long time span, their eyesight will be affected negatively. To wrap it up, the disadvantages of playing computer games outweigh its usefulness for children, as it prevents them from utilizing their time efficiently and can harm their body.

As a conclusion, children should be banned from playing such games and in turn get involved in doing other useful and top priority activities.