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The reporting cycle should be helpful for informing future areas of teaching and growth for students, whilst also providing a summation of student learning throughout the semester.

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Assess in advance: In the month before you do reports have students complete a series of small assessments that target the exact outcomes you will be reporting on. This does not need to be a formal test, it can be a class activity.

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These assessments provide tangible evidence for your reports. Using comment banks you can tailor your comments specifically to address the precise learning outcomes for each student. Comment banks significantly reduce spelling and grammatical errors whist making the process far more efficient and consistent. Always get your comment banks corrected by your supervisor in advance before you write your comments in full.

Read sample comments: It is perfectly acceptable to do a Google search for comment banks or report comment samples.

Teacher Report Writing - Tips and Example Statements

Vary comments each semester: Particularly in Mathematics and English it is a good idea to vary the focus for your comments each semester. For example in Semester 1 comment on persuasive writing and in Semester 2 focus on creative writing. This means you will not repeat or contradict yourself in your comments throughout the year. This way you the personal pronouns stand out and are easy to change.

Teacher Report Writing - Tips and Example Statements by b | Teaching Resources

Double check names: There is nothing worse than submitting comments to your supervisor with the incorrect student name for the comment. At the end of each comment be thorough in checking the name entered in the comment. For many reporting systems such as Synergetic you can use a question mark to generate the correct name.

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http://tf.nn.threadsol.com/pozov-mobile-phone-tracking.php This resource includes: Tips for report writing from my experience - particularly useful for NQTs. Examples of personal statement sections high-achiever, middle-achiever and SEND.

The statements might not be true to your cohort but I have included them just to give an example of the kind of generic paragraphs that you might write at the beginning of the report writing process. This allows you to cut and paste the level that best suits the child in question and then edit the paragraph to make it more accurate and personal and also to give it a better flow. Preview and details Files included 2. About this resource Info Created: Sep 3, Tes Paid Licence.

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