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Just what I needed; thank you. Tom says 7 months ago. A long biography paper covers a large life span, so you need to do the following: Take significant life events; Analyze them carefully; Tell the audience a vivid life story.

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Short biography papers Short biographies are to the point and brief. Simple steps to write a good biography Everything starts with choosing a subject for your essay. Doing your research Read available sources of information about the chosen subject because the more you read, the clearer picture you have in your mind.

Writing a brief outline Create an outline of your future paper because it must follow a standard 5-paragraph format that includes body paragraphs in addition to concluding and introductory paragraphs. Writing an introductory paragraph The essay introduction is a great chance to engage all readers and get them excited about other paragraphs.

To get the targeted audience hooked, consider the following introduction styles: Start with a famous quote about your subject and make sure that it really reveals its essence; Describe the most incredible life accomplishment; Include an interesting anecdote or story about the chosen person.

Structuring body paragraphs The main body is where you present the information gathered during your research. Ask a few basic questions and provide your detailed answers: Who were close people? What did they say? What opinions do authors have about this person? Writing a concluding paragraph A concluding paragraph of your biography essay is where you wrap all ideas up and draw important conclusions about the chosen subject. Think about answering the following questions to achieve this goal: How are they relevant nowadays? What contributions are made in a given field?

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My Autobiography Essay - A Research Guide for Students

How to We made your life easier with putting together a big number of articles and guidelines on how to plan and write different types of assignments Essay, Research Paper, Dissertation etc. How to write a policy paper. In order for your biography essay to be effective, you will have to pick a subject who is interesting, important, or otherwise qualified to be the subject of a biography essay.

You should ask yourself the question: why choose your subject, and what has your subject done that deserves to be recorded and remembered? Of course, there's a sense in which every single human life is interesting and important. But for the purposes of your biography essay, you will want to dig deeper and consider why your subject is worthy of being remembered in the collective cultural memory. Kierkegaard would be an example a good subject for a biography essay, because his works are generally considered a turning point in modern philosophy.

The subject of your biography essay does not necessarily need to be well-known. In fact, it can be a lot of fun to dig into the life of someone is not well known but should be. Also, when picking a subject, you may want to make sure that you actually like your subject.

That can make writing a biography essay more fun, and your respect for the subject or lack thereof will also probably come across in your writing. A lot can happen in a life, and it would probably be impossible for you to include everything there is to know about your subject within a single biography essay.

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So, you should choose the high point, or the most important points, and then focus on those. Garff, Joakim. Princeton: Princeton U P, Now that you know about the elements of a biography essay, you can follow these steps in order to ensure that your biography essay turns out to be a success. Again, your biography essay won't be able to include everything there is to know about your subject.

So, you will want to map out the scope of your biography essay before you get started. The birth and death of your subject are the logical starting and ending points for your essay. Then, you will want to select a few events or accomplishments in the life of your subject that are worthy of remembrance. You can develop a full-fledged outline, or you can use a table like the one developed above. Either way, though, you will have to have a clear idea of where you will begin, where you will end, and the path that you will take from the beginning to the end. Your biography essay has to be rooted in verifiable facts about the life of your subject. This means that it is important that you identify and document the sources of your information. The essay sources should generally be scholarly in nature, and you should avoid using websites to the greatest extent possible. This is because it is often difficult to tell whether the content on websites have been drawn from credible sources. If there are references listed on a website about your subject, then you should trace those references back to the original academic sources.

Those are the sources you should use for your biography essay. Your interest in your subject should come across in your writing style. After all, if you feel bored with your subject, then why should anyone else pay attention? The language you use should be scholarly but still filled with imagery , but you should also focus on varying sentence structure, using excellent word choice, and other writing techniques that tell the life story of your subject in a compelling way that does justice to the importance of your subject.

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That brings us to the close of this guide on the biography essay. Here is a recapitulation of some of the best practices that have been covered here. You should use a linear narrative structure, starting with the birth of your subject, ending with their death, and focusing on selected key events and accomplishments in the subject's life.

Although a biography essay is a kind of "story," it should still be written in a rational, scholarly way, and referencing in MLA or Chicago style is usually required for this kind of essay. If you get to choose your subject, then you should pick a subject that you personally admire. This will make the writing process more fun, and your interest will also show in your writing and make the biography essay more enjoyable for the reader.

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