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Emotions are the main characters, usually settings and themes. The reasoning in the story is not to appeal to you, but how the story treats the feelings we feel. It provides us with a scenario where we focus only on emotion and may not focus on reason.

The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet-Critical Lens Essay

Lord Montague's son and his wife, Mrs Montague, secretly loved, married Juliet, a member of the rival's Capulet, and handed a priest named Friar Laurence. After Romeo murdered Juliet's cousin Timbert in a battle, he was forced to exile. The origin of the character can be traced back to Pyramus which appeared in the metamorphosis of Ovid, but Romeo's first contemporary body was Mariotto, 33rd in Il Novellino of Masuccio Salernitano. She is rather petulant and flighty, and she falls victim to her teenage hormones rather than listening to the sensibilities of her noble parents, who expect her to marry within societally accepted bounds.

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Many would also argue that her decision to marry a boy she has just met is one that is incredibly irresponsible and deems her daft enough to adhere to whatever male suitor is tempting her with. Perhaps one of the most obvious assertions Juliet makes as a feminist character is her unwillingness to marry the suitor that her parents have chosen for her.

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And, while sixteen is still incredibly young for marriage the average age of marriage was early to mid-twenties at this point , it was not unheard of. But, Juliet does not do this. Even the artifact of their marriage, a ring, is controlled by Juliet. In an average chivalrous arrangement, tokens of love or affection were sent from a man, most commonly a knight, to the woman he was courting.

In a perhaps smaller scale but equally important instance, Juliet goes against what her nurse advises when she feels that she knows herself and her life better. Juliet finds this stance to be hypocritical, and to go against her own wishes, which she clearly believes her nurse to be in charge of honoring. She cleverly lies to her nurse to make her believe she is in agreeance, and so she will not suspect Juliet of doing anything differently than marrying Paris, but intends to carry out her own will anyway. While this behavior could be attributed to defiance, and a small amount at that, it demonstrates the independence and self-assurance that Juliet feels as a young woman.


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In this strict patriarchy, women and girls were surrounded by men and women that were to guide them through life until they were able to find a suitable husband, who would then takeover guiding them from there. There was very little personal agency exercised, as the societal expectations themselves were strict guidelines of behavior and decisions. Juliet believes she knows what is best for her, and therefore takes the necessary steps to be able to make her own decisions, despite what the people around her are attempting to force or persuade her to do.

A final instance in which Juliet demonstrates herself as feminist character is her realization that she has the agency over her own actual life. When she recognizes the betrayal of her nurse, she thinks of a plan to get around everyone that is trying to force her into a marriage with Paris.

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  8. She recognizes, however, that this plan may fail, and comes to a striking conclusion; if she cannot do anything to take control of the events of her life, she can at least take control over whether or not her life continues. While suicide may seem an incredibly extreme reaction to an arranged marriage, and may seem to be the farthest thing from a strong feminist reaction, it actually exhibits her extremely independent nature.

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    One of the most fundamental aspects of feminism is women having the ability to choose their own path in life, and women during this time period were allotted very little choice. In reality, Juliet can either lose her life and her will to her father or marry Paris, or she can lose her life by keeping her will and committing suicide.

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    Essentially, anything — including death — would be better than marrying Paris. It is not the dramatic and cowardly overreaction of a thirteen year-old girl, but that of a young woman trying to keep control over her fate. Her story is commonly reduced to nothing but a petulant child who refuses to listen to the adult in her life, gets swept away by a boy she barely knows, and therefore suffers greatly because of her inability to take direction.

    But, if one is to look at Juliet a little more closely, it is difficult to keep her confined to this assumption. In reality, she is perhaps one of the Shakespearean women that most exudes a feminist quality, and that takes control over her own life.